Send your Parcels

For a greener and cheaper delivery


€3/parcel All Inclusive!


Offer to your clients a delivery that respect the environment.

Tracking live

Your clients can track their parcels in real time on a dynamic map.

Discover the concept in a short movie !

  1. Integrate our plug-in on your website or use our website to ship parcels.
  2. Your clients choose the Hytchers delivery method.
  3. Stick the label generated on the package.
  4. Drop the parcel in one of our partner shops.*

*You can also ask for a pick up service at your store.

Test Hytchers for Free !
Try the Hytchers ecological delivery for free :


With Hytchers, we have a flat price including all our services : shipment, insurance, tracking and the support of the Hytchers team !

It is only €3 / package, no need for volume guarantee and to sign any contract.


Hytchers leverage existings trips from its community to deliver your parcels. As those journeys are already drove, the delivery do not emit more CO2 as we do not add vans or trucks on the roads.

An independant office (Ecores) compared the greenhouse gas emissions of Hytchers VS a classical delivery service. Results shows that we can decrease CO2 emissions by 88% for a delivery!

Offer therefore an ecological delivery to your clients who want to buy online responsibly, and integrate our plugin!

Efficient tracking

Your clients benefit from an accurate tracking of their parcels with a geolocalisation on a dynamic map. So they will be able to track their order better than with any other delivery company.

The clients wants to get his parcel more quickly ? Well he can decide to get it by himself before it arrives at the final destination, in any intermediate station. So if by any chance he pass by the station where his order waits for a lift, he can get it in the wink of an eye.

Covered up to 500€

Every parcel that you entrust us with is covered up to 500 € by Ethias.

We also ensure the security of your shipment with a strict scanning procedure that allows us to know at every moment where and with whom your parcel is.

The mean delivery time is between 1 and 2 days. However, we ensure a maximum delay of 4 days. With a little luck, your shipment will find quickly a lift, but otherwise, we will backup them personally!

Every type of non perishable good can be transported with Hytchers, except forbidden objects like weapons or any illegal substance.

The sum of the height, lenght and depth has to be under 1,5 m and the weight of maximum 10 kg.

Every parcel that you entrust us with is covered up to 500 € by Ethias.

We also take care of the return of the parcels. You have the choice of either insert a return label in your sendings or let your clients print it. Afterwards, they just have to drop them at a partner station so it will be bringed back to you.