Poll : next Hytchers feature!

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At Hytchers, we want to create an App that suits you perfectly!

That’s why we ask you continuously to send us feedbacks about our beta version. You gave us plenty of great ideas and now, we want to implement them…

As we can’t do everything at once, we want to hear from you what you expect first to be done !

Here are 4 propositions to add some awesomeness in your preferred crowdshipping App 🙂


1. Book a parcel for the next day 👍

We are all often in a rush in the morning. So it can be difficult to interleave a Hytchers stop in a station on the way to work. If we can schedule a lift the previous day, then it’s possible to get up 15 min earlier, and stop by Total to get parcels, and a hot coffee to go 😉


2. Promo codes 😆

With the promo codes , you will benefit from exclusive and taylor made advantages like +100 points on you next transport or double points for a week! Those promocodes will also allow you to sponsor you friends and family by sharing with them a personal invitation code.


3. See in which stations are the parcels and where they go ❤️

Some users cannot find parcels on their way and this situation can be frustrating. However, there are a lot of parcels travelling in different directions in every partner station. This feature will allow you to check out directly were are the parcels and where should they go by clicking on the stations on the map.


4. Sort parcel propositions by detour and points 😮

At the moment, when you enter your trip in the App, available parcels are sorted only by the amount of points they give you. But it’s not necessary the best fit for you and that’s why we will add other criterions to sort parcels if you choose this feature.


Time to Vote !

Now that you have all the information, you can get HERE to participate to the vote!

If you have other ideas, don’t hesitate to comment the Facebook post too 🙂



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