Hytchers, the CO2-Neutral delivery

100% ecological

Hytchers uses existing car flows of commuters to transport your packages. In this way, as the drive is done anyway, we do not emit excessive CO2 to deliver your parcels.

Besides, we took a step further. When someone is driving with a Hytchers package in his car, we are offsetting its carbon footprint by investing in ecological projects. Hytchers is then twice as ecological as a classic delivery method and is guaranteed 100% CO2 neutral by CO2Logic.

Our label

It guarantees that labelled organisations are actively calculating, reducing and offsetting their local and global climate impact. As opposed to “greenwashing”, this label can only be achieved through serious climate efforts. Validated by Vinçotte.

Our commitment

CO2 offset is performed through the support of climate projects. No matter where the CO2 reduction takes place, the positive effect on the environment will be felt in a global way!

At Hytchers, we calculate greenhouse gas emissions from our users’ journeys. Then we’re financing concrete ecological projects to offset 100% of their effects.

As a consequence, for each package delivered with Hytchers, the bonus for the planet is double: you’re reducing the environmental impact of the delivery and of your own journey!

Our projects

Kenya - Cookstoves and water treatment

This project seeks to improve health and incomes throughout Kenya by reducing time and money spent acquiring fuel for household and institutional cooking, and by providing local populations with improved access to clean water.

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China - Charcoal substitution

This project is decreasing dependency for charcoal in China by combining 2 actions : supply countryside families with efficient cookstoves and substitute charcoal with agricultural waste (=biomass).

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Uganda - Saving trees

In Uganda 95% of the population essentially relies on wood and charcoal to cook their daily meals and deforestation has become a serious issue. This projects helps Ugandan families to have efficient cookstoves to limit deforestation.

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