General information

To sign up, you can download our application on the Apple Store or Google Play, and follow the instructions.

If you are looking for a solution to ship packages, you can go on our shipper’s page (only for professionals).

The registration is free (and always will be). Everyone is welcomed in our community from the age of 18 years old.

  1. Please check that you entered the right phone number and country prefix. If you made a mistake, you can correct it and ask for a confirmation code again.
  2. Please verify that your connectivity is sufficient to receive an SMS. If you didn’t make a mistake and that the force of your signal strenght is correct, it might happen that the SMS is taking some time to arrive please wait for one minute and try again.
  3. Your mobile carrier may be blocking the short code SMS that Hytchers uses to contact you. Please contact your mobile provider to confirm that short code SMS is enabled for your mobile account.

If you still haven’t received a verification SMS after checking these, please contact us on support@hytchers.com

When you transport parcels with Hytchers, you can earn credits on the App (depending on the trip, the credits you can earned will be indicated upfront). These credits can be converted in different types of rewards. Once you’ve reached the minimum threshold of 500 points, you can already receive a reward.

Please check the “rewards” menu in the application to see which kind of rewards you can receive.

Your points can be transformed into different types of rewards. We guarantee that a point will always be valuated as a one eurocent at least. So 100 points = € 1 min. Sometimes it will be more, depending on current promotions from our partners!

Before receiving your reward, you should have accumulated at least 500 points on your account. Afterwards, you can go in the “Rewards” menu. You will see which types of rewards you can trade with your points.

A few rewards are physical goods, that you will receive through our delivery network. Please note that we send the rewards only once a week.

Other rewards are virtual (in the form of codes for exemple). Those rewards will be send to you instantly by email upon acceptation.

Sure, the card is anonymous. You can give it to your friends or family.

Collection point delivery

  1. Enter your start position and destination in the App. We will propose you parcels on your way, considering live traffic.
  2. You can select the desired packages and collect them in easily accessible Hytchers collection points.
  3. Validate your reservation and let the App guide you to the pickup point with your favorite navigation system.
  4. Present yourself as a Hytcher courier to the cashier who will give you the requested packages.
  5. Go the the final destination to deliver the parcels and collect your rewards!

Home delivery

To take a home delivery in charge, the procedure is quite similar to the collection point delivery. Two details are different :
  1. To book a home delivery lift, your account must count at least 500 points. The reason is that we have decided that cancelling a home delivery will be penalized (cancelling a lift for collection point delivery doesn’t induce a penalty). The customer experience is indeed much more deteriorated as the receiver is send a confirmation SMS when the booking is done. If the driver finally don’t show up, the deception is high and the trust in our collaborative service drops with it. If the cancellation is due to another external factor (independent of your will), you will not be charged of any fine.
  2. The receiver of the package receives a PIN code by SMS/Email that you have to enter in the App to validate the delivery. If the recipient did not receive the PIN code (or do not find it), you can also trigger a new sending of the code directly from your App. If you encounter any problem, please contact our support service.

You can book parcels only live, or when you are about to leave. Those ones will be kept for you during 2 hours, to let you the time to reach the first collection point.

If you change your mind, you can still cancel your reservation.


  1. If you cancel the reservation during the last half hour of the 2h period, it will be impossible for you to book them again for a period of 1h. This measure has been taken to avoid parcels to be blocked by multiple successive reservations.
  2. If you cancel a home delivery, you might get a fine of 500 points as explained in this section.

It is currently not possible to book parcels in advance. Eg (in the evening for the next day morning). It is a functionality that we will develop in the future.

Yes, it is possible!

The transport propositions you will get in the App already group several parcels going from one pickup point to another. Nevertheless, you could be interested in doing several stops on your way!

After a first reservation, you can then relaunch the search on the same itinerary.

The App will then propose you new results, by removing the parcels you already booked. Please then note that a few propositions will “disappear”. Why ?

Let’s imagine that a package has to be delivered from the town A to the town C. Town B is halfway. If you enter the itinerary A –> C in the App, it will give you two results : A –> C first (as it will bring you the more points) and A–> B second.

If you book the proposition from A –> C and launch again the search, the proposition A –> B will have disappeared.

Don’t worry, it is completely normal. This is simply because we allow the packages to be delivered in intermediate collection points.

Let’s imagine that a package has to be delivered from the town A to the town C. Town B is halfway. If you enter the itinerary A –> C in the App, it will give you two results : A –> C first (as it will bring you the more points) and A–> B second.

If you book the proposition from A –> C and launch again the search, the proposition A –> B will have disappeared.

The results of the second search on your itinerary will simply update the list of available transport by taking into account your first reservation!

Geolocalisation allows you to simplify the use of the App. For example, you can use it to enter “My position” as the starting point of your itinerary.

We are acquiring you position solely when you are using the “My position” setting, and we are not tracking you during your delivery.

TIP : enter the exact adresses of your itinerary in the App will help us to propose you the best lift proposals, considering a minimum detour, and the live trafic.

We check this out for you !

Hytchers works only with thrusted professionals with a strict control of their sendings. If your package is sealed you can be sure that nothing illegal is in your package.

With Hytchers, our users are already on the road for their commute. This use of existing traffic flows thus avoids adding new vans and trucks to the traffic and means that delivery doesn’t emit any additional CO2.

Hytchers delivery, which includes a short detour for the driver, has been independently verified by Ecores to save up to 88% of CO2 against classical delivery methods.

But we also go beyond this in our quest for sustainable deliveries: when a driver transports a Hytchers package, we offset the carbon footprint by investing in ecological projects (see sustainability).

Service stations are optimized to be Hytchers network points for different reasons :

  1. They are always situated at convergence points of the trafic. On a given route, you are then quite sure you will pass by two stations with a minimum detour.
  2. They are easily accessible, and with parking facilities
  3. They have wide opening hours.

Why did we choose to work with Total?

Total has a policy of development of the shops and services (and not a strategy of automating the service stations). Those shops are yet essential for Hytchers has we need human operators to help us with the storage and handling of the packages.

Moreover, Total has demonstrated a real will to innovate in terms of sustainability and offering us to collaborate with Hytchers is a sign that the winds of change are blowing!

We also partner with different types of collection points that you can consult on this page. Europcar agencies, coworking spaces, local stores… Are also part of our network. Do you own a store and want to participate to our adventure? Please contact us.

Shipping parcels is currently not allowed by private individuals.

Are you a professional? Do you own or work for an e-commerce with ecological concerns? Please subscribe to our services on https://shipper.hytchers.com and we will contact you back very shortly.

You can also write to us to get more information : info@hytchers.com and schedule an introductory call with our team to evaluate our collaboration opportunities. We have many integration possibilities. More info on our page dedicated to e-commerces.

The calculation of the points depends on:

  • The distance on which you will transport them
  • The number of parcels
  • Their emergency (late packages are paid with more points)
  • The final point of delivery (Highway stations or final destination brings more points)
  • The type of delivery (home delivery is paid with more points)

It is then not easy to answer that question, as there is a lot of parameters. When you are doing a research tough, you will always see the related number of points upfront.

Issue with a parcel

If the parcel that you have to transport is damaged or has been opened, you should refuse it and signal it to the cashier of the collection point. We will take care of this. Our excuses in advance for the cancellation of your ride.

Please call our helpdesk (with the button in App) and expose your situation.

We will take care of this with you.

Please call our helpdesk with the in App button and expose your situation. We will find a solution together to finalize quickly the delivery

Please alert our helpdesk by using the in App button.

You shouldn’t normally find a closed collection point as we calculate your theoritical arrival time upon reservation and only propose the lift if it is 30 minutes earlier than the closing time of the delivery point.

If the parcel shop is closed though, we will find a solution to redirect the package to another place.

We cannot guarantee that there will be parcels to transport on your way, but they can be added to our network at every moment. Checking at your App regularly will maximize your chances to get parcels!

Please contact us at support@hytchers.com and we will find the answer 😉

Receivers of Hytchers packages

In order to stay informed about your shipment, both the sender and the recipient can track their shipment through Track & Trace. When a parcel is shipped, a link is automatically send the both parties by email.

The reference of the parcel is a 36 characters code containing both lettres and numbers.

The reference is mentionned in the automatic email you receive when the parcel is shipped. You can also find it on the label of the packages, beneath the QR code.

Hytchers will always try to deliver parcels to recipients as soon as possible. The delivery time is varying as it is dependent on the availability of our community. In the worst case, you will receive your parcel within 4 business days! If this is not the case, you can always track your shipment on this website or contact our support team.

Anyone can collect your parcel from your pick-up point by showing your confirmation email with the secret QR code.

Please tell the Hytchers point attendant that you would like to retrieve your parcel as a receiver, and show him the secret QR code you received by email.

Please contact us at support@hytchers.com and we will find the answer 😉