1 - Transporters - general information

We are currently in a development phase.

The registration is free (and always will be). Everyone is welcomed in our community from the age of 18 years old.

This picture is only used to check your identity and will be kept confidential.

We have to do this to guarantee that our packages are handled in trustworthy hands.

When you transport parcels, you accumulate credit on the App. When you get to 15 euros, you can ask for a prepaid fuel card of 15 euros to tank your car.

The credit accumulated depends on the distance covered and the number of parcels transported. The amount of the reward is always specified before the transport.

1500 points are worth a fuel card of 15€.

Before being able to ask for a fuel card, you should have miminum 15 of credit on your profile. Then, you have to use the App to ask for the card by following the steps in the menu “…”

Sure, the card is anonymous. You can give it to your friends or family.

It’s quick and easy :

  1. Book a bunch of parcels with our App
  2. Rendez-vous at the first petrol station to get the packages (the App can either be used as a navigation system or export the adress in your preffered nativation App)
  3. Scan the QR code of the station to notify your arrival. Go to the desk and ask for your parcels.
  4. Transport them to the next station, scan the station QR code and give the parcels to the station attendant.

Your get fuel credit on your profile!

You can book parcels only live, or when you are about to leave. Those ones will be kept for you during a limited period of time, necessary to reach the station.

You cannot book longer in advance, because we want to shorten the delivery time for the final receivers!

Geolocalisation allows you to simplfy the use of the App. Indeed, we can spot when you arrive at petrol station and directly guide you through the different steps to get back your reservation.

We will use localisation solely when your App is on to make the best out of Hytchers!

We check this out for you !

Hytchers works only with thrusted professionals with a strict control of their sendings. If your package is sealed you can be sure that nothing illegal is in your package.

With classical shipping methods, parcels are transported by truck and make a detour since they have to transit by sorting centers before being dispatched and delivered at their final destination.

With Hytchers, parcels are transported by private individuals who already ride those journeys. Thus, parcels move in direct line and do not emit extra CO2.

An independent external bureau (Ecores) calculated that Hytchers will allow to decrease up to 88 % greenhouse gas emissions.

2 - Transporters - issue with a parcel

If the parcel that you have to transport is damaged or has been opened, you should refuse it and signal it to the gas station attendant. We will take care of this. Our excuses in advance for the cancellation of your ride.

Please call our helpdesk at the number :  *** Numéro helpdesk *** and expose your situation.

We will take care of this with you.

Please call our helpdesk at the number :  *** Numéro helpdesk *** and expose your situation.

You have to go ASAP to the destination of your parcel to drop it.

Please call our helpdesk at the number :  *** Numéro helpdesk ***. Please keep the parcel in your possession and bring it back at the opening of the station.

We cannot garantee that there will be parcels to transport on your way, but they can be added to our network at every moment. Checking at your App regurlarly will maximize your chances to get parcels!

You can also see where are situated the parcels by nativating within the integrated map of our App.

No problem, several codes are disseminated around the station. The attendant will help you to find them with great pleasure.