Ecological returns

A 100% carbon neutral solution for ecological returns

Green and innovative

Offer your clients a returns option that doesn’t impact the environment, thanks to our crowdsourced service! Hytchers is guaranteed 100% CO2 neutral by a Vinçotte label.

Returns made easier

39% of e-commerce clients check the return policy before proceeding to a purchase. Thanks to Hytchers, you will enrich your return possibilities with a network of easily accessible collection points with long opening hours.

Loyalty program

Hytchers rewards its users (carriers) with discount vouchers. By joining our platform, you can drastically decrease your return costs while acquiring new clients.

Who are we?

Hytchers is a Belgian startup offering ecological delivery, which leverages the existing trips of a large community of deliverers. Using our app , commuters can check if there are parcels available for collection on their route and can transport them within our network (e.g. between Total service stations, Europcar offices…). In return they receive a reward, such as “miles” , valid in our partner shops (eg: Total, Europcar, J&Joy, CO2Logic…).

Why is it ecological?

With Hytchers, our drivers are already on the road for their commute. Within our app, users first set the route they want to drive, before receiving propositions to transport parcels, with minimal diversions along this route. This use of existing traffic flows thus avoids adding new vans and trucks to the traffic and means that delivery doesn’t emit any additional CO2.
Hytchers delivery, which includes a short detour for the driver, has been independently verified by Ecores to save up to 88% of CO2 against classical delivery methods. But we also go beyond this in our quest for sustainable deliveries: when a driver transports a Hytchers package, we offset the carbon footprint by investing in ecological projects (see sustainability ). This makes Hytchers even greener and makes your returns 100% CO2 neutral.

Ideal for your reverse logistics

Our model is of particular interest for ecological returns. Your clients can generate labels on a website hosted by Hytchers , or simply use a pre-printed label that you have already included in the package. They can then simply go to the most convenient Hytchers collection point and ask for an ecological return. These points are selected based on different criteria including accessibility, long opening hours, etc, and give your client a seamless experience. Once the package is received at the Hytchers collection point, your customer instantly gets an email receipt. This email contains a tracking link allowing to them to track the package right up to its successful return to our central depot, from where it is shipped back to you via the greenest method possible (max delivery time: 4 days).

Efficient tracking

Your clients will enjoy real time and accurate tracking of their package on a map, all the way to the final destination.
Hytchers not only brings your customers peace of mind, but relieves your customer service too. On your side, you also have an online backoffice at your disposal, through which you can access all your incoming ecological returns.

Propose your vouchers on our App

When working with Hytchers, you can jump right in with our circular economy program. Our users will then be able to convert their credits into vouchers valid in your eshop*.
In financial terms, for every package sent with Hytchers, we pay out 60 to 70% of the delivery cost to the driver in credits, which he/she can use to make purchases on your eshop. This is a unique opportunity for you to target our 10,000 users and convert them into new clients!
When you consider the use of our voucher system to drive your sales, combined with an increased customer loyalty from our ecological returns, the twin benefits of becoming a Hytchers partner become clear: Hytchers offers you the potential to increase your sales revenue whilst improving your sustainability at the same time.
*Hytchers buys vouchers to your eshop and make them available on its platform.

How and from where to return a package?

  1. Your client wants to return a package. They visit a custom page hosted by Hytchers to generate a return label (e.g. : JnJoy)
  2. They attach the label to the package.
  3. They bring the package to a Hytchers collection point (see map).
  4. They ask for an ecological return
  5. The package is scanned and the client automatically receives a delivery note by email, including a tracking code.
  6. Your client can sit back and relaxe! The package is ecologically returned to our warehouse, before being delivered back to you, in the greenest manner possible (delivery time: 4 working days).
Do you have a shop and want to be a Hytchers pickup point too?
Please contact us!

Covered up to €500

Every package that you entrust to us is covered by our insurance for up to €500!
We also protect your products through our strict scanning procedure and have the highest reliability rates on the market.

Delivery Time

The average delivery time is between 1 and 2 days. But deliveries can take up to 4 days (maximum) for long drives or to/from remote areas. If you are lucky, you may even receive your parcel within the same day, as 30% of our packages are received the same day they are sent. In any case, we’ll take care of it, personally.

Authorized parcel types

Any type of non-perishable goods can be transported with Hytchers, except forbidden substances including drugs, hazardous substances, weapons or any illegal items. The sum of the height, length and depth of the package can be at most 1.5m and the package cannot weigh more than 10kg.


Beyond decreasing the number of trucks and vans on our roads, Hytchers also offsets the CO2 emissions of its users, making the CO2 impact of your deliveries negative! More info on our sustainability page.