E-commerce : send your parcels with us

An innovative delivery solution for your webshop

Great value for money

€3.30 (VAT excl.) per parcel of max. 10kg, all included (insurance, tracking…)!

CO2 Neutral

Offer your clients the possibility of ecological deliveries.

Live Tracking

Your clients can follow their orders on a live map, all the way to the final destination!

Watch our video to discover our concept!

  1. Integrate our plugin or use our shipping website.
  2. Your clients can choose Hytchers as delivery method.
  3. Stick the Hytchers label to your parcel.
  4. Drop off of your packages in a Hytchers point*.

*You can also have packages collected from your warehouse.

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    Great value

    When working with us, you don’t have to sign a tedious contract nor guarantee any minimum number of parcels.


    At Hytchers, each delivery of a parcel is invoiced at €3.30 (VAT excl.) and comes with live tracking, insurance, and assistance from our efficient support.


    Hytchers uses existing car flows of commuters to transport your packages. In this way, as the drive is done anyway, we do not emit excessive CO2 to deliver your parcels.

    Besides, we have taken a further step still. When a Hytcher is on the road with a Hytchers package in their car, we compensate their carbon footprint by investing in ecological projects. Hytchers is then twice as ecological as a classical delivery method and is guaranteed 100% CO2 neutral by CO2Logic.

    Efficient tracking

    Your clients get live tracking of their deliveries on a map, all the way to the parcel’s destination.

    If your clients need to receive their parcels faster, they can also interrupt their order’s progression at any moment. For example, if the client happens to be driving past one of the intermediate stops, at which your parcel is currently waiting, they are free to pop into the station and collect the parcel early, even before it has reached the original destination station.

    How and from where can I send my packages ?

    1. You receive a new order on your website. A new label is automatically created on your shipper account.
    2. Paste the label onto the package such that the QR code can be easily read. Please make sure you paste it onto a flat surface and avoid creasing the label.
    3. Bring the package to a Hytchers point (see map).
    4. Present yourself as a sender to the cashier.
    5. Once the package has been scanned you will automatically receive a delivery note by email.
    Do you have a shop and want to be a Hytchers pickup point too ?
    Please contact us !

    Covered up to €500

    Every package that you entrust to us is covered by our insurance for up to €500!

    We also protect your belongings with a strict scanning procedure, and can claim the highest reliability rates on the market.

    The average delivery time is between 1 and 2 days. But deliveries can take up to a maximum of 4 days, where the delivery involves long drives or travelling to remote areas. If you are lucky, you may even receive your parcel within the same day, as do 30% of our packages. In any case, we’ll take care of it, personally.

    Any type of non perishable goods are transportable with Hytchers, except forbidden substances including drugs, hazardous substances, weapons or any illegal items.

    The sum of the height, length and depth of the package should be of max 1.5 m and the package cannot weight more than 10 kg.

    All packages sent with Hytchers are insured for up to €500 in the event of damage or theft. But thanks to a strict scanning procedure and a trustable community, your parcels are in safe hands.

    We can also take care of your returns. Choose to insert a free return label or invite the customer to generate a paid return label: we can easily customize a solution that works with your specific policy.