Car Driver

Car driver : why transporting parcels ?


Leverage available space in your car and avoid the addition of polluting trucks on the roads


Earn credit for each transport and trade it for free fuel!


Hytchers is very intuitive and allows you to pick up available parcels in the wink of an eye.

How does it work ?

Enter your destination and Hytchers plans your itinerary live, with a maximum detour of 8 minutes.

If pending parcels are on your way, you can pick them up in partner shops.

Validate your job and go to the Total station by using the App.

Drop the parcels at the final station to get free fuel valid at Total stations.

How to install Hytchers on my phone ?

We are currently running a beta test phase of our service. Follow these few steps to start transporting parcels :

  1. Download the App on your smartphone (iPhone or Android)
  2. Subscribe in-App with your phone number
  3. Enter your today’s journey
  4. Pick the parcel(s) you prefer !

Learn more

To know more about how Hytchers works, please take a look at our FAQ, and you’ll probably find the answer to you questions.

People talk about us ! Consult here a few articles about Hytchers from different medias and newspapers.

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