7 tips to reduce pollution while getting the most of your money

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Sometimes we feel powerless against global warning. Sea levels are rising, glaciers are melting, and global temperatures are increasing. How can you possibly stop this dangerous trend?

1. Take Part in Crowdshipping

The transportation sector is responsible for a large portion of carbon emissions. In Belgium, the transportation sector produces 22,6% of greenhouse emissions, according to the GIEC. That ranks it at the top when it comes to carbon emissions. While you can’t stop planes from flying and trucks from driving, you can do your part to reduce the emissions. It’s as simple as taking part in crowdshipping.

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This is a really simple process. You can use the available space in your vehicle to transport a package to its destination. You’ll just have to go a few minutes out of your way to deliver the package, and you will be rewarded. This will allow you to reduce the number of polluting trucks on the road, and you’ll amortize your commuting costs.

It’s really easy to get involved in crowdshipping. Just sign up with a company like Hytchers to get started. Download the app for your Android or Apple device, and you will be part of the crowdshipping network in no time at all.

2. Make Your Vehicle as Efficient as Possible

There are ways to make your vehicle more efficient. For example, you can burn less fuel by keeping your vehicle tuned up and your tires properly inflated. This will increase your gas mileage and reduce the emissions you put into the air. If biofuel is available, use it. In Belgium, E95 contains 10% biofuel, so it’s better to ride on gasoline than diesel.

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3. Carsharing to Reduce Emissions

To reduce gas emissions, carsharing is also an option. This is like classic carpooling where multiple people share a ride in one vehicle. How this works is you book a ride with someone participating in the carsharing program. There are different apps you can use to book rides. Those apps include Blablacar for individuals, Kowo, and Commuty for corporates. Simply state where you are leaving from, going to, and when you need the ride.

When using the aforementioned apps, you are decreasing traffic congestion and pollution in the cities. A couple Belgian startups that help with this too are Sharemypark and BePark. These companies are focusing on parking problems in cities where… 20% of the traffic is due to people looking for a parking spot!

While carsharing takes more time than something like crowdshipping, it is a great way to optimize your car too. You could even combine carsharing with crowdshipping, which is a good use of time and resources, and protects the environment even more.


4. Combine Your Errands

Take a page out of the crowdshipping book by combining your errands. For instance, if you are traveling for work, consider doing your shopping, stopping by the post office, and taking care of some other errands during the same trip. The fewer trips you have to take, the less you will pollute. This is a simple way to reduce your carbon footprint.

5. Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

When people think of making their homes more energy efficient, they think of things like clean energy. While you could set up a wind turbine or add solar panels to your roof to make your home more energy efficient, doing so could be a bit costly. You can simply replace your thermostat, seal up leaks, and get energy-efficient windows to reduce your carbon footprint through the reduction of heating and cooling costs. Domestic heating is a greenhouse gas contributor. In fact, 13.6% of greenhouse gas emissions in Belgium are due to domestic heating.

6. Plant Some Trees

Did you know that trees reduce air pollution in urban areas by as much as 1%? That might not seem like much, but every bit counts. You can help the environment and spruce up the neighborhood by planting some trees. Make it even more fun by gathering some friends and going on tree-planting excursions.

7. Use a Clothesline

Clotheslines might not be in vogue anymore, but they can help you reduce your carbon footprint. When you hang up the clothes instead of drying them in the dryer, you will benefit from more than just reducing your carbon footprint. Your clothes will actually last longer, as well. That means you won’t have to feel guilty about that $200 you spent on those jeans 🙂

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As you can see, you can do your part to reduce pollution. From crowdshipping to changing the way you dry your clothing, there are lots of easy options out there for reducing pollution. Pick a few to start with, and then add to them as you get more comfortable with the process. Before long, you will be a leader in helping the environment.



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